About kommunity

Collaboratively creating a better web for the future

Quite the bold statement for a dirty-ass website, huh? 😝

So, as you've already noticed, the mission mentioned above is still far from becoming a reality... but kommunity v0.1 is the first step in its fulfillment.

Its idea is simple: get people together around topics relevant to the future of the web (Gatsby, JAMstack, PWAs, AMP, GraphQL and all the other flashy jargons we've been seeing) to learn and share what they think is most valuable.

This first version is an effort to put it out there for you to help us getting to a place where kommunity is truly useful for devs around the world... We've been at it for quite a short time, but it's already become the most enriching experience of our professional lives, with people from 8+ countries helping us with feedback and user testing.

We would've given up to anxiety if it wasn't these awesome folks that gave their time and thoughts for free in iterating on kommunity's initial idea (ordered by their first name):

  • Diego Santos - Brazil
  • Guayo Mena - Costa Rica
  • Idan Yalovich - Israel
  • Jason Lengsdorf - U.S.
  • Juliano Rafael - Brazil
  • Knut Maelver - Norway
  • Laura González - Spain
  • Martin Jacobsen - Norway
  • Matt Lynch - U.K.
  • Siddharth Vishvanath - India

And many others who volunteered but I didn't have the time to talk to (yet!)

Thanks a ton 💜

Oh, and if you're interested in contributing, take a look at the contributing page and feel free to reach us at hello@kommunity.dev