We need YOU
to help your fellow kommunity!

Accepting people of all types, contexts and skill levels πŸ’œ

Thank you for the interest in contributing! kompanion - the project kommunity is part of - is a fully open source endeavor trying to make the web better through shared knowledge and tools for front-end developers.

Currently, we maintain some Gatsby themes and plugins and help curating the content for the kompanion kommunity, all of which you can help building and improving! See the section below on how to contribute πŸ˜‰

How to contribute

Submitting resources for curation

All of the curated resources lives in a public GitHub repository, to which anyone can contribute. You can either make a pull request at the repository or fill our submission form by clicking the button below, and then someone from our maintainer team will take a look and approve your submission, it’s that easy!

Submit your resource

Contributing with code

We have open issues and many plans for features and improvements to the kompanion ecosystem. Feel free to hop into issues if you already know how you want to contribute, or join our chat to get ideas πŸ˜„

Becoming a maintainer

Currently, we are 4 maintainers looking for more people to help the community grow. Again, this is a super open project and all you need is passion and a bit of english (or Google translate 😝) to help us out! Our end goal is to include everyone as maintainers, but we’ll keep it small while we’re figuring it out.